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Surgical 3-Ply Face Mask

Our 3-ply face mask consists of an inner and outer layer of soft polypropylene (PP) with a middle layer of Melt-blown filter. It is designed so that it will not irritate the skin, and the mask is suitable for hospital use. It has a nose bridge that conforms to the face. This makes the mask easily adaptable to different contours, and therefore acceptable for different face shapes

Use of and Precautions for the Surgical Face Mask

Because of the environments in which these face masks are used, proper precautions and procedures must be adhered to in order ensure that the mask will offer the proper protection for the user and those in the immediate area. Those precautions and procedures include the following:

  • Prior to handling or putting on the mask, wash your hands.
  • Remove the mask from its packaging by pulling it from the top and bottom, then open the fold.
  • Be sure not to touch the inside of the mask with your hands.
  • Use the elastic ear loops on each side of the mask and fit them around your ears.
  • After fitting the ribbons around your ears, gently press the nose bridge bar with your fingers for a snug fit.
  • Adjust the mask by pulling the bottom to your lower jaw and adjusting the mask to eliminate any leaks.
  • After fitting and adjusting the mask, exhale evenly to check again for leaks. Then inhale evenly to make sure there is no air coming between your mask and your face.

Function and Application of the Surgical Mask

These masks are used in general protective environments where dust-proof, fog-proof and saliva-proof masks are required. They are widely used in various fields, including, among others:

  • Personal Protection.
  • Family Protection.
  • Food Service.

At Protective Healthcare USA, we carry various masks for surgical and other needs. Contact us for pricing and shipping information.

3 Ply Surgical Face Mask Specifications

Items Material Color Standard Spec Layer
Non-Woven Fabric 29 GSM Blue or White 17.5cm*10cm±0.2cm Outer
Melt-Blown Fabric 20 GSM White 17.5cm*10cm±0.2cm Middle
Non-Woven Fabric 29 GSM White 17.5cm*10cm±0.2cm Inner
Nose Bridge Bar Full plastic/ single aluminum White 10cm±0.5cm /
Earloop Nylon+Spandex White 17.5cm±0.5cm /
Package 50pcs/bag,3000pcs/ctn (26″x20″,20″)